Horse artist Rachel Dubber - equine paintings, photography, sculpture

A lifelong passion for horses inspires my work as an equine artist. An experienced rider, instructor, trainer and owner, I have accumulated extensive first hand knowledge of horses, their personalities, physical anatomy and movement. With this experience and understanding as a foundation to my equestrian art, I use the mediums of paint, sculpture or photography to accurately convey the individuality of each subject I portray.

Through my formal education and collaborative work with other artists and sculptors, I have gained valuable experience and skills with other subjects and mediums. This has enabled me to grow as an artist and to unleash my creative artistic abilities on other subjects, including portraits, landscapes and abstract paintings.

As an equine artist, I work towards regular exhibitions of my own horse paintings and sculpture, and undertake commissioned portraits of individual horses for clients. I also use my photographic and mixed media skills to produce work both for client advertisement purposes and commissioned photographic portraits. I find photography invaluable in developing my painting and as an art form in itself.

Being an equine artist is more than just an occupation for me – it is a passion and a way of life that I love to share. You are very welcome to browse my galleries of equine painting, photography and sculpture.

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